mercredi 1 février 2006

Mrs. Petrowski's truth...

(Envoyé au Toronto Star)

I am really annoyed by Mrs Petrowsk's article on Mr. Andre Arthur, the only independent MP elected last week. Her point of view is one of an interested party, a case of conflict of interest, and do not reflect the reality. How come you trust a Montrealer to explain to your readers what is going on in Québec City?

Mr Arthur has another point of view on the administration of tax payer's money than journalists like Mrs. Petrowski do. Journalists who always know where to find the necessary subsidies to produce films and publish books to make big money on our back. As dishonestly stated by Mrs. Petrowski, Mr. Arthur did not lost his radio program in Montréal CKVL AM in 1999 (now Info690) and CJMS AM last year, because of bad ratings, but rather because Liberal's CRTC would no longer let him keep on denouncing Liberal's corruption. Mr. Arthur lost his job at CKNU FM last December, after Radio-Nord acquired the station from Genex (the owner of CHOI-FM who could no longer keep CKNU thanks to previous CRTC's decisions) by promising CRTC that they would cut on local production (e.g.: Fire Mr. Arthur).

English Canada is manipulated by Quebec journalists like Mrs. Petrowski, whose story is changing depending whether she is talking in Montréal, Québec or Toronto. Do not forget that Mr. Petrowski proudly took advantage of Québec City CHOI-FM's airwaves, a station she is now congratulating Liberals to have shut down, to sell her "Maman Last Call" movie, her ego-trip project about her fascinating life.

Montreal's separatists (closely associated with Quebec's left wing artists) cannot respect the fact that Quebec City has massively voted for a federalist government. Their association with the Parti Québécois party has allowed them to benefit of generous subsidies for films and music production in the past. These people now "blame" Andre Arthur and Jeff Fillion (another shock jock in Quebec city) to be responsible for the federalist right wing conservative electoral wave in Quebec City area. They don't like to ear people on the radio complaining about this waste of money and asking government to take their hands off the cookie jar. Furthermore, separatists blame powerful radio host, André Arthur, as the principal responsible for the federalist option victory in the 1995 Quebec's referendum. Do not be surprise by Mrs Petrowski's intentions with her last article. No more lies Mrs. Petrowski, we read you here!

As a young federalist living in Quebec City, I still cannot explain myself how the CRTC, controlled by the Liberal administration since 1993, became naïve enough to play the separatist intelligentsia's game of corruption to put out of air Andre Arthur and Jeff Fillion by trying to close CHOI FM. I hope things will change with the newly-elected Conservative government, and that they will step up to their promise of saving the station from Québec's caviar left-wing elite and Liberals' censorship.

Phil Belanger and Sacha Villeneuve
Quebec city

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